About Alisha & Anson

Anson is a depth of knowledge and super detailed when it comes to plants. I (Alisha) am the overly colorful creative one. This is our life and our dream and we want you to take part as we grow. We are here 24/7 to help and assist you.

Anson the one with all the knowledge about our plants. He has worked with plants for over 16 years. They are his life and his passion. Years back Anson had his own large plant business in Charlotte County, Florida. Hurricane Charlie destroyed much of what Anson had built up over the years. Soon after that a declining economy pushed Anson’s business to the edge and he had to start over but has never given up on his love of gardening and plants. He is a wealth of information when it comes to plants. Anson grows all our plants. When you receive our plants you can buy with confidence in knowing that we have taken the utmost care and are selling you a quality product. We are not a middle man. We do not buy from another company and resell to you. Anson grows each and everyone of our plants and brings you a quality, healthy plant.

I (Alisha) had worked in floral shops for over 15 years. (See the connection here? This is how we met). Due to the economy, I also had to find a different path when the floral shop where I worked shut its doors. I love working with my hands and creating art through many subjects; whether it be paint, pencil, cloth or organic materials. I am an art addict. I am addicted to creating and can’t and will never stop EVER!! If I am not answering your emails, designing new product or wrapping your orders, you can find me painting. View my online gallery at www.koyaniskreations.com or visit my art shop on Etsy.com named Koyanis Kreations.

Twisted Acres is a collaboration and a dream. Anson and I have joined forces and created Twisted Acres. Two individuals who believe in products that are recycled, organic, user friendly, colorful and so much more. This has been a long dream and is growing daily. It’s a dream of organic farming and art twisting together to create a one of a kind environment.

Have a question we are always here to help you. Visit our blog for commonly asked questions and signs for how to read your plant