Air Plant Mix Quantity 25/50/75/100 **No Spray bottle




Air Plant Mix Quantity 25/50/75/100

******Spray bottle not included in Wholesale

Air Plant Mix you choose your quantity you want. Don’t see the amount you want email us so we can make a custom order of the quantity you desire.

We have been working hard to bring you the best variety of air plants we can grow. We have many new varieties available including all plants that will bloom upon maturity. Please click through our pictures to see the many varieties we offer.

We will choose the quantity of your choice of our best air plants for your home.
Easy care!!! Do not need to be in soil. Can put in any container glass, wire, plate, metal, stone, wood, the ideas are endless as long as it is waterproof.
Can be planted outside in warmer temperatures, partial shade or bright indirect light. Place in your favorite tree next to your hammock.
Water weekly. Either rinse under running water, or spritz with a water bottle.
Does great in the bathroom near the shower.

Plants range in size from 2″ to 5″

Random plant picks could include but not limited to
Add some fertilizer to your order to help your new plants grow big and strong
I’ve been selling plants for over 13 years. Your more than welcome to ask me any questions about care and I can guarantee your getting a great product.


**no customizations this is a random selection chosen at the time your order is getting packaged*****



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25, 50, 75, 100


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