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Harrisii is an air plant that comes to you at around 3-4″

Great air plant that can handle drier environments and tolerates drier environments very well.

We email you care instructions when you order and are always here for care questions and tips.

***last pic is of bloom

Blooms once in entire life. Once it blooms it then usually signifies it is a mature plant and is ready to have a pup or two. Pups will follow the same life cycle as the mother plant. The mother plant will continue to thrive and grow as well. This plant is a xeric variety that means it can handle drier areas. What makes it a xeric variety is the silver velvet like dust on its leaves are tiny hairs called tricolms. These tiny hairs help to pull in as much moisture as possible from its environment. You will still want to mist it every couple days or give it a good saturation once a week. If you notice the plant needs more water up your misting cycles per week. Signs of dehydration are brown tips or leaves curling in on themselves. Prefers bright indirect light or shade. No direct sun

Please email us with any questions before or after purchase.
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