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Tillandsia Bulbosa Large

With this listing you receive one Large bulbosa. Give this guy a good saturation once a week by submerging the entire plant under water for 1-2 mins, let dry and set back where you had him. If he ever develops brown tips or deep set wrinkles on the base of the plant add in a weekly misting to your watering cycle. Give bright indirect light or shade. Never direct sunlight. In heated homes or with more sun this plant may demand more water. Feel free to email us anytime with questions on care before or after purchase we are always happy to help you.

This plant blooms once upon maturity. Plant will bloom beautiful red and purple flowers. Once plant blooms it signifies it is a mature plant and ready to become a mother plant and sprout pups. Pups will come up along base of plant once pups are half size of mother plant you may wiggle free and start new gardens or leave with mother plant your choice.

Size Ranges around 7-8″ give or take. Being a plant each one is a little different. Also note roots do not do anything nutritional for the plant. Plant may or may not come with roots we usually trim all our plants before shipping.

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