Medusa Large


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Air Plant Tillandsia Medusa Large

Great Large plant. Will Grow larger and leaves will twist and twirl as it gets larger living up to its medusa name.

Medusas are a xeric variety of air plant meaning they can handle drier environments. The white dusty velvet like appearance are tiny hairs called tricolms. These hairs give them an advantage and help to pull in as much moisture as possible from the environment. With more water these plants leaves will straighten out. With less water the leaves will start to curl in and corkscrew. Upon maturity this plant will bloom red and purple. Around their bloom cycle they will sprout a pup that will come around their base. You may leave the pup attached to the mother plant or once they reach about half the size of the mother plant you may wiggle them free and pull down. Do not cut the baby off.

Give these guys a good saturation once a week by submerging the entire plant under water for one to two mins and then shake off the excess water. If the plant ever develps brown tips add a weekly misting to your watering cycle. Bright indirect light or shade no direct sun.

Email us anytime with questions on care we are always here for any questions anytime.

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